Cascade Communications: Another Shower From Taylor Wimpey

Judged on both the dominant personnel and how it operates, Cascade is very much a continuation of the Bell Pottinger-style of public relations under another name; and changes of identity are very necessary to these PR clones as their old monikers become discredited. This piece “Bell Pottinger pushed SA into jaws of kleptocracy. Can we claw country back?” from BizNews (18 July 2017) illustrates that: For many in South Africa, Bell Pottinger has become a swearword, much like Gupta. References to both are now synonymous for what ails South Africa – corruption and state capture. While the UK-based public relations firm is no stranger to South Africa, its current reputational damage has forced it to issue an ‘unreserved’ apology, which has gone down like a lead balloon.

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Taylor Wimpey’s Sham Golden Lane Consultation

If Taylor Wimpey were actually interested in consulting local people about their planned luxury development in Golden Lane, they wouldn’t have hired Westbourne Communications to do the job for them. Taylor Wimpey haven’t engaged Westbourne to liaise with the community, they’re paying them to stitch it up.

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