How The City of London Extracts Wealth From The UK’s Regions

“Nothing remotely illegal is being alleged… “(yet this) raises an important question: what is the purpose of this astonishingly complex corporate tower sitting atop a police training centre in Scotland? The shortest answer is that this is a classic example of the financialisation of apparently mundane parts of Britain’s economy…this is not an outlier: it is increasingly the way business is done. Overall, the general purpose of such complexity is for the owners higher up in the corporate tower to obtain maximum possible rewards from a particular arrangement, while shifting maximum risks onto others’ shoulders.”

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Corporation of London Is Going To Hell In A Handcart

As the calendar year changes many people like to speculate about what the future holds. We were wondering about the fate of the City of London council, and thought it would be useful to do a simple Tarot reading for the Corporation. We did a three card past/present/future spread. What we turned up shows the long term outlook for the City to be very bleak.

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