City of London’s Zero Emissions Consultation Fail

The following about a City of London zero emissions traffic scheme is extracted without permission from an email circulated by Cripplegate councillor Sue Pearson. We understand that the impact of diverted traffic on the two schools and the pre-school children’s centre housed in the Golden Lane campus has also been addressed by Sue Pearson despite not being mentioned below. It is typical of the City of London council that it has failed to consult residents about this Nightmare On Beech Street.

You will be aware from Evening Standard articles and local television news that Beech Street Tunnel will be Londons first Zero Emission Street with an 18 month trial starting in March. What you may not be aware of, since there has been no consultation, are the implications for us residents of Golden Lane Estate and other surrounding residential developments.

What is the project?
Only emission free vehicles will be allowed in the tunnel. There will be a few exceptions but there will be APNR cameras at each end and there will be fines for drivers whose vehicles are not emission free.

Golden Lane and Bridgewater Street will be ‘no through roads’ with bollards so vehicles which usually use that route will have to turn/ U turn and return up Golden Lane.

I am trying to find out from Islington what their plans are for Fortune Street but I suspect this will be a rat run in this scenario

So what are the implications?
Higher pollution levels on Golden Lane and Goswell Road  – up to 10% worse at the Golden Lane/Old Street junction.

Higher noise levels on Golden Lane and Goswell Road – no figures given.

More traffic and in the case of Golden Lane U-turning traffic increasing the risk of accidents.

What are the benefits?
Better air quality in the tunnel but as the traffic is two way there is no scope to for widening pavements or cycleways.

The results.

Pedestrians and cyclists, who can chose another route, get cleaner air.

Residents who have to use the surrounding streets get more pollution, noise and more chance of an accident.

I intend to ask a question in Court of Common Council to raise awareness of this. No consultation, the Corporation yet again ignoring residents for what looks like a vanity project to have the first zero emission street without regard for the cost to people’s lives.

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