‘Election’ of William Russell As Lord Mayor of London Totally Rigged

Since covering the nepotism inherent in the sham ‘election’ of William Russell as the new lord mayor, we came across this description of the election process:

A ‘How to Become a Lord Mayor’ guide, written by Livery Committee chair Nigel Pullman, reads: “It is no longer the case that a prerequisite of becoming the Lord Mayor is great wealth.”

The guide says those who have enjoyed a “decently rewarded career”, and have “reasonable savings” will be eligible to become Lord Mayor.

But adds: “Of course there are expenses, and it would be a foolish person who did not realise that, akin to owning a boat, or going on exotic holidays, good things cost money.”

Explaining how the Lord Mayor is elected, Mr Pullman said there are three candidates voted for by by about 1,000 liverymen.

“It’s a strange system. Everyone knows before the vote who is going to win,” said Mr Pullman. “The winner’s name is read out first, and he is voted for by a show of hands. Then when the second candidate’s name is read, everyone shouts out ‘next time’. And when the third candidate’s name is read, they shout ‘later’.”

New Lord Mayor says Brexit won’t stop City of London’s ‘success’ by Owen Sheppard, My London News, 7 October 2019. https://www.mylondon.news/news/zone-1-news/new-lord-mayor-says-brexit-17044262

This is how the City of London operates, it is the last rotten borough in the UK and it is about as democratic as the ‘Democratic’ People’s Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea). The livery company members who make up common hall and vote in the lord mayor aren’t even elected, and they take their lead from the court of aldermen. This is as much of an affront to democracy as the business vote in the City of London, both the office of lord mayor and the business vote are in urgent need of abolition. Stuff William Russell, there should only be one Mayor of London, and currently that’s Sadiq Khan.


The header shows William Russell with the notorious anti-democrat and former leader of City of London council Mark Boleat presenting Finnish ambassador Päivi Luostarinen with the Freedom of the City of London. June 2017.

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