Another Denizen Howler From Taylor Wimpey

Those living around Golden Lane who opposed Taylor Wimpey’s demolition of 110 social housing units to build 99 investment flats for ghost home investors (with no on site social or affordable housing), weren’t too surprised by the latest billboards to go up around this developer’s Denizen site. These claim the sales office for The Denizen AKA The Turd is up the road in Golden ‘Street’ (sic) despite the fact it’s in Golden Lane where Taylor Wimpey’s luxury flats are being built on the corner with Fann Street. The hoarding is illustrative of how little the developer knows about the area or indeed cares about it. Just as Taylor Wimpey doesn’t care about the up to 70% loss of light those living in neighbouring council flats have seen disappear from their homes as a result of this building. Or the impact on the park and schools The Turd also overshadows.

Taylor Wimpey’s howler hoarding on Golden Lane, there is no Golden ‘Street’ in EC1.

We suspect Taylor Wimpey are having trouble flogging their over-priced ‘investment’ flats off-plan. We understand other developers in EC1 are having similar problems, and word on the street is the recently completed Featherstone nearby on the corner of Bunhill Row and Featherstone Street in EC1 has been a massive failure in terms of sales.

Taylor Wimpey’s howler hoarding on Fann Street, there is no Golden ‘Street’ in EC1, the address should be rendered as Golden Lane.

An earlier Golden Lane hoarding from Taylor Wimpey with another howler, no ‘c’ in acquired. This was erected directly in front of a school crossing presumably to send young kids the message they didn’t need to bother with learning coz if they joined a corporation like Taylor Wimpey it’s money will talk for them… and their firm will get planning permissions from local councils no matter how unsuitable their ‘developments’ are for the locality in which they’ll be situated.

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