When will the City address the issue of gender exclusive masonic lodges meeting on its premises?

The Pink Paper reports today that a City of London survey found more than two-thirds of respondents support trans people using rest rooms that match their gender identity. The survey results were published yesterday, 17 April 2019. This is to be welcomed but simultaneously the City of London should not be allowed to use its trans policies as a fig leaf with which to cover its blatantly discriminatory practice of supporting men only masonic lodges whose members are massively over-represented in top council jobs.

Since the founding of the Guildhall Lodge in 1905 more than two thirds of those holding the top position of Lord Mayor at the City of London council have belonged to this small and singular masonic organisation. Since less than 1% of the English population are masons, and only two Lord Mayors have been women since 1905 (women are massively under-represented in top council jobs), the council allowing men only masonic lodges like the Guildhall Lodge to meet for free on its premises – essentially subsidising them – is clearly a discrimination issue. The council needs to insist men only lodges whose members are massively over-represented within the local authority allow women to join if such organisations are to continue to meet on its premises – and until there is gender parity within these lodges to ban them. Despite this issue being repeatedly raised, it is something that City of London councillor and freemason Edward Lord has yet to seriously address. We were disappointed the Pink Paper uncritically ran the following quotes from Lord in their piece:

Edward Lord, chair of the City’s establishment committee, said: “These results show that the overwhelming majority of people want to ensure public services do not discriminate against trans people.

“We all have a responsibility to respect all communities and ensure that equality and basic human rights are upheld.

“Our vision is to build and support a strong, sustainable and cohesive society in the capital and beyond.”

Lord, who is non-binary, added: “We aspire to be a leader in equality and inclusion, serving a wide range of communities including Londoners, UK and international visitors, City residents and workers, businesses and our own staff.

“We will use this survey to inform our own policy on gender identity to help make sure our own services and workplaces are fully inclusive.”

That’s good as far as it goes, but Lord has yet to fully act on the necessity of treating masonic lodges like toilets and making them gender inclusive.

Two-thirds support trans people using bathrooms matching gender identity by Nick Duffy, Pink Paper, 18th April 2019: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/04/18/two-thirds-support-trans-bathrooms-gender-identity/

Above & the header show City of London councillor Edward Lord. Lord has to date been unwilling to seriously address the issue of how the men only masonic lodges that meet on this council’s premises buttress gender inequality.

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