The Sex Offence Allegations Against City Connected MP Charlie Elphicke

For close on six months many have been wondering why right-wing MP Charlie Elphicke was suspended from the Tory party whip. As regular readers of this site will know, we commented on Elphicke’s close connections to the City last year – and his wife Natalie Elphicke’s key role in the Housing & Finance Institute (HFI). The HFI was financed by the City of London and includes this feudal local authority’s councillors Mark Boleat and James Thomson on its board. The HFI is one proxy in the war on democracy being waged by the City of London and the broader finance industry. Here’s what we had to say about the Elphickes connections to City of London politics last year.

The HFI was set up by the Cameron–Clegg coalition government and based on a review conducted by Natalie Elphicke and Keith House; but even if the HFI originated outside the City of London’s orbit, it is now well within it. That said, even before the review that led to the HFI being set up, Natalie Elphicke and her husband Charlie had ties to the City of London including involvement in the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association. Charlie Elphicke was deputy chairman of this particular Conservative Association from 2002 to 2006. Likewise, the Tory MP for the Cities of London and Westminster Mark Field has been a brother-in-law to Charlie Elphicke since his marriage to Victoria Elphicke a decade or so ago.

Mark Boleat’s Attack On Democracy: Catherine McGuinness Must Go Too! by Pippa Henslowe, Reclaim EC1, 5 November 2017.

This week the UK national press reported what the allegations made last year against Charlie Elphicke were. This is how the Daily Mirror put it:

Police have quizzed a Tory MP over alleged sex offences involving two female members of his staff.

Charlie Elphicke was interviewed under caution by specialist detectives at Scotland Yard last month over claims he targeted two young female aides while he was alone with them.

One of them complained to the Conservatives’ chief whip in November. The other complaint was reportedly made in 2016.

The Dover MP was reported to police but not quizzed until last month.

It is the first confirmed police case since the Westminster sex abuse scandal erupted last year.

Mr Elphicke today said he was “completely confident” of proving his innocence.

He was suspended by the Tory Party in November last year following “serious allegations”.

At the time, the married dad-of-two denied any wrongdoing and said he did not know what the allegations against him were.

The alleged female victims were interviewed by Scotland Yard earlier this year.

Police quizzed the MP under caution on March 12, which he claims was the first time he was made aware of the nature of the allegations.

In a post on Twitter, Mr Elphicke, 47, said: “It was some 5 months before I was made aware of what the “allegations” against me were.

“Now I know, I am completely confident I will be able to prove my innocence. I will continue to defend myself vigorously for as long as necessary.”

In a further statement, Mr Elphicke added: “I met with the police on March 12 (and) was then told for the first time the nature of the allegations made against me.

“Until that point I had no idea whatsoever of the allegations which had led to my having the Conservative whip suspended in early November 2017, despite my repeated requests for clarification to both the Chief Whip and the police.

“I am cooperating fully with the police and have made it clear to them that I vigorously deny any wrongdoing whatsoever.

“Now that I am finally aware of the allegations the police are investigating, I am confident that I will be able to clear my name.”

Mr Elphicke’s wife Natalie defended him after the suspension – writing in November that he was the victim of “kangaroo courts”.

A Met Police spokesman said: “On 12 March, 2018, a man was interviewed under caution, by appointment. The interview was in connection with an ongoing investigation being carried out by the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command into alleged sexual offences.

“The interview took place at a police building. At this stage in the investigation the MPS will not comment further.”

Two top Tory ministers – Sir Michael Fallon and Damian Green – were forced to resign last year in the wake of the sex abuse scandal.

A government spokesman said: “These are serious allegations and subject to an ongoing police investigation. We cannot comment further.”

Police quiz Tory MP over alleged sex offences involving two female members of staff. One female staff member complained to the Conservatives’ chief whip in November. Another complaint was reportedly made in 2016 by Andrew Gregory, Daily Mirror, 15 April 2018.

Pippa Henslowe.

Charlie Elphicke and his wife Natalie Elphicke; the latter founded and runs the sinister Housing & Finance Institute with a little help from her City of London chums.


The header image shows Cripplegate in the City of London completely destroyed by the Nazi bombs that rained down on 29 November 1940 – judged on the evidence of how it operates and Mark Boleat’s report for the HFI last year, what the City of London hopes to do to democracy is akin to what the Luftwaffe did to Cripplegate in 1940.

Police quiz Tory MP over alleged sex offences involving two female members of staff by Andrew Gregory:

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