Hex In The Park: Cursing Out EC1 Ghost Homes

At noon on Tuesday 31st October 2017 witches mounted a procession to hex the sites of two proposed ‘City fringe’ housing developments that threaten to overshadow popular local parks. They directed a deadly and hostile current of will at the proposed site of Taylor Wimpey’s The Denizen in Golden Lane, after cursing out the proposed St Luke’s Mansions housing development on the space currently occupied by the Finsbury Leisure Centre. The witches are not against more homes being built in the area but what they want to see is social housing for local people built to an appropriate scale and in appropriate places.


After gathering outside the leisure centre, the coven marched slowly to Burnhill House. Ritual protections were performed for this social housing block on Norman Street, and then the proposed ten-storey development opposite it was cursed. Next a magic rite was performed in St. Luke’s Gardens to protect the park, trees and sunlight. After this a hex was put on any and all plans to overdevelop the St. Luke’s area, which is the most densely populated part of the UK. The current redevelopment design will shrink sports facilities and prevent afternoon sunlight from reaching the park for six months of the year. It will also plunge Burnhill House into darkness.


The witches shuffled slowly out of St Luke’s Park, then west along Old Street, before turning south down Golden Lane. The coven stopped at the west side of Fortune Street Park and turned to face Bernard Morgan House, where Taylor Wimpey have planning permission to replace 110 social housing units with an overscaled block of luxury flats. Taylor Wimpey’s The Denizen development was cursed out and protection rites were performed for Fortune Street Park’s trees and the children who attend two local schools (Richard Cloudesley and Prior Weston) whose playgrounds and classrooms will also be cast into darkness if the proposed building goes ahead.


Although Bernard Morgan House is still standing, The Denizen has already been marketed and sold off-plan to non-dom foreign investors in places like Hong Kong. These speculators will neither live in the flats nor rent them out, they’re simply hoping an overheated property market will generate profits from empty luxury apartments.


Once the coven entered Fortune Street Park, a protection was performed once more, and The Denizen hexed again. The coven then paraded down the busy lunchtime market in Whitecross Street and back into St Luke’s Gardens, where final hexes and protections were enacted before the working was closed.


Witches Against Real-Estate said: “We need homes for local people that won’t overshadow our parks and schools, not buy to leave properties being sold to speculators who’ll neither live in them nor rent them out. It is unusual for us to hex anything but we are doing this to protect the parks, trees, wildlife and children, who will suffer if these buildings go ahead as planned.”


The rite caused quite a stir among local people, many of whom wanted to know what it was about and eagerly took leaflets from the coven’s assistants. Hex In The Park was also filmed by local television station London Live and a story about it broadcast twice that day as part of the evening news. The witches said it was easier to explain the event to the media in terms of it being Halloween rather than Samhain; since journalists tend to be more familiar with Christian rather than pagan culture.


Not only were there witches on the street, others were working off-site and remotely to contribute energy to the rite. These healers warn that the rapacious greed of those involved in the deal to allow Taylor Wimpey to built The Denizen has attracted extremely malevolent forces to the site and opened a gate to hell beneath it.


Until the development plans are cancelled it is not safe to enter Bernard Morgan House or the formerly open areas around it that have been enclosed by Taylor Wimpey’s hoardings. From time to time a lone witch will appear at the edges of this site to further curse it; simultaneously ensuring the evil forces that have fastened upon it are contained and prevented from spreading into the rest of Golden Lane.


Samhain 2017 Communiqué To The Coven

East London witches called me at 2A.M. with a message. They said we have the vital masculine energy to counterpart my feminine energy in this big picture and we are doing good work. Apparently our energies are having a bigger effect than we realise on a new momentum.  This blows me away as they said this is now visible in our area and is infiltrating the city.


The East London witches are very focused and are doing the protection rites for the big picture. They said we are here to protect the light and amplify inspiration, giving people courage and motivation to liberate themselves and others. They said Burnhill House and Golden Lane have been hit by a light that is revealing truths.  They said I hold more light than I realise and they will fight for this light. Because that’s what we are all fighting for! Out of the darkness!

The Witch In White.



Previous blog about witches directing spells against Taylor Wimpey and The Denizen.

Finsbury Redesign Petition: https://www.change.org/p/redesign

Film of Hex In The Park: https://youtu.be/VDeBdOA99qo




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