Wiccans United Against Taylor Wimpey & The Denizen!

Witches from the Cripplegate Coven revealed today that they are directing a deadly and hostile current of Will against Taylor Wimpey and their new development The Denizen. A spokeswitch for the group informed Reclaim EC1 that everyone will soon see the results of these ongoing workings, which have put a curse on this unwanted building and will financially ruin any property speculator who invests in the Golden Lane ghost homes.

The Cripplegate Coven say they have already made themselves manifest to those who have evolved sufficiently to participate in their high ritual magic. Everyone else can get involved in this action against overdevelopment by repeating as often as possible the following curses that are directed against The Denizen:

Curse 1 Against The Denizen

Denizen I curse the negative power that flows through you.
Denizen cursed be the oppression you channel.
Denizen I curse the unfairness that creates ghost homes.
Cursed be The Denizen for blocking sunlight from our flats, schools and park.


Curse 2 Against The Denizen

Entities far and near,
Listen and come here,
You must haunt The Denizen,
For this overdevelopment blights Cripplegate!


Curse 3 Against The Denizen

Only way to shoo the ghouls
is to douse the louses
With kerosene!
What a scene!
Hear the screams!
Investors splat and bleed
As ghost homes recede
Into a vile sludge sheen
Lapped by vile greed
Taylor wimped and city MPs
Denizen prison and cursed creed.

Meanwhile an almost-fictional representation of how Wiccan revolution will engulf The Denizen is being serialized here.

Pippa Henslowe.

4 thoughts on “Wiccans United Against Taylor Wimpey & The Denizen!

  1. I’m a radio producer researching for a feature on gentrification and the effects on local communities. I’d really like to interview someone from reclaimec1 and hopefully one/all the witches. I really need to get these interviews this week, please let me know if you’re interested in taking part


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