2 Men Who Like Dressing Up But Should Be Dressed Down Over Gerrymander Mansions

As noted in an earlier post: “An application to build a huge luxury apartment block on the site of Bernard Morgan House – until now key worker social housing – in Golden Lane was approved by the City of London Planning and Transportation Committee on 23 May 2017. Thirteen of those present voted in favour and ten against. This development will steal light and sunshine from local homes, a park and three local schools. We don’t currently know the identities of all those who voted in favour of this application…” See City of London Planning Committee Roll of Shame.

We’re fairly sure we’ve identified the ten people who voted against Taylor Wimpey’s Gerrymander Mansions development, which leaves those who either didn’t vote or voted in favour of it. So having profiled the others in previous posts, here are the last two members of the Planning Committee who we suspect didn’t vote against the application:

Jamie Ingham Clark AKA Robert James Ingham Clark
James Henry George Pollard AKA Henry Pollard

In terms of the information provided about them below, what comes first is lifted from the City of London council website. Both these men are Freemasons and one identifies himself as a member of the Conservative Party in his declaration of interests. We know that committee chairman Chris Hayward is also a Freemason and member of the Conservative Party. We think it reasonably probable that ‘Sir” Michael Bear is also a Freemason but although we’ve asked for clarification about an opaque item on his declaration of interests relating to this, he hasn’t seen fit to address the matter  – yet!

We don’t think Freemasonry had any great impact on the decision of the committee to approve Taylor Wimpey’s plans. After all the three – or probably four – Masons we’ve identified couldn’t swing majority decisions made by this body on their own. What we do think is that those members of the committee who like to gear up in fancy dress and indulge in quasi-mystical Masonic rituals make themselves look very silly, which rather undermines the alleged dignity of their political office.

The likes of Inham Clark, Pollard and Hayward, must have many of the most interesting Freemasons connected to the City of London – such as William Hogarth and John Wilkes – spinning in their graves; since these historical masons would have had no time for the mean-spirited and reactionary politics of today’s opportunists, or indeed those of Roberto Calvi, the P2 Lodge member whose dead body was found attached to Blackfriars Bridge 35 years ago. That said, there is no law preventing people from dumping all over the memory of Wilkes and Hogarth; and neither is it a crime to don an apron and act like a raving idiot while ranting about ‘building King Solomon’s Temple’, as long as no one else is harmed. So if some twerps in the City of London want to be masons ‘so mote it be’; we’re a lot less bothered by their low-grade ritual activities than the fact that the likes of Ingham Clark, Pollard and Hayward, hold minor positions of power in a local council.

Jamie Ingham Clark AKA Robert James Ingham Clark


Mr Ingham Clark has a position on the Finance Committee of the St John Eye Hospital Group. Director, TIC Consulting Ltd/Director, Electrum Capital Ltd/Director, Electrum Holdings Ltd./ Trustee, St. George’s Royal Arch Chapter No. 5 Benevolent Board/St. Lawrence Jewry Guild Church Council/Safeguarding Officer at St. Michael & All Angels, Mill Hill/Finance Committee and Honours and Awards Committee of the St. John Eye Hospital Group/Billingsgate Ward Club/Aldgate Ward Club/Tower Ward Club/Liveryman of the Worship Company of Clothworkers/Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales/Freemason including the Guildhall Lodge/Veteran Member, Honourable Artillery Company.

From LinkedIn: Compliance and corporate governance specialist in the London Insurance market, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and have many general management skills. I have acted as a risk officer and company secretary in many of my recent roles in addition to my key role as compliance officer. Until 2001 I have also held Finance Director positions. Specialties: Start-ups in the Lloyd’s Market.

From Companies House: Robert James INGHAM CLARK. Total number of appointments 22. Date of birth December 1959. ELECTRUM HOLDINGS LIMITED (10487428). Company status Active. Correspondence address… London, United Kingdom… Role Active Director. Appointed on 18 November 2016. Nationality British. Country of residence. United Kingdom. Occupation Chartered Accountant

From Ingham Clark’s website: About Me: … I try to travel as often as possible. My photo gallery features several pictures from my latest holiday… Hobbies: music, skiing, movies, going out. Music: rock and pop, folk. Movies: The Full Monty, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Gregory’s Girl. Languages: English, French, German. My motto: carpe diem – seize the day!.. Hi. My name is Jamie Ingham Clark, and I’m from London. I work for a corporate agency there, and I get to travel a lot on business trips. As for my private life, I’m currently single and enjoying the extra free time to pursue my hobbies. I’m an optimist, and I’m easily amused by the little things in life…. My home means a lot to me. I’ve designed it to suit my tastes and ideas. It’s nice to have somewhere to get away from the stresses of the working day and just take a breather. But as well as being an oasis of peace, my home is also a place for friendly get-togethers – we often have family celebrations or games evenings with close friends here…. My hobbies: I’m a very adventurous person and I’m interested in a huge variety of leisure activities. For example, I used to be involved in theatre and take singing lessons. Sport and physical exercise have always played a major role in my life, too, whether it’s playing football with friends or just going for a jog in the early morning. But when you have a job you have to organise your spare time a bit more carefully, so in order to have enough time for my other hobbies I have cut back on my sporting activities somewhat – nowadays I just go for a run now and then.

Website: http://www.jamieinghamclark.com/ – another peculiar City of London councillor website. Last time we checked there were still no contact details on the contact page; and the hobbies section skips over Ingham Clark’s immersion in Freemasonry, it isn’t even mentioned. And as for the claims about going ‘for a run now and then’, Ingham Clark looks so out of condition it seems unlikely he’s been doing much – if any – exercise in recent years.

Ingham Clark’s 2007 blog: http://jamieinghamclark.blogspot.co.uk/ – note there only seem to be five posts, all pre-written and posted within 5 minutes of each other. In this it looks rather similar to the five blogs on Rehana Ameer’s rather more sophisticated site, all posted on the same day prior to the 2017 City of London council elections.

From Arena 27, Winter 2017, ‘The Men At The Top: W.Bro Rod Glyn-Thomas, LGR interviews Jamie Ingham Clark”: Masonic Career Craft: Jerusalem Lodge No. 197. Initiated 16th Dec 1980. Raised 17th Nov 1981. WM Jan 1986 & 2008. Grand Steward 1986-87 & 2008-09 (Board Chaplain). Grand Stewards’ Lodge Joined 1986. Ingham Clark Lodge No. 8164 Joined 1992. Victoria Rifles Lodge No. 822. Joined 2007 (WM 2013). Corium Lodge No. 4041 Joined 2008 (WM 2013). Facta Non Verba Lodge No. 3409. Honorary Member 2010 (now closed). Guildhall Lodge No. 3116 Joined 2013. Combined Services Lodge No. 9900. Founder IPM 11th Nov 2014. Appointed AGDC 2008. Appointed Metropolitan VO 2011. Appointed Metropolitan SVO 2013. Appointed MetGInsp 2015. Promoted PSGD 2015. Scottish Constitution Life Member Kyles of Bute Lodge No 1120. Royal Arch: St George’s RAC No. 5. Exalted 10th April 1986 (MEZ 1993). Old Shiburian Chapter No 3304 joined 2013. Britannic Chapter No 33. Elected Honorary member 2015. LGCR 2000. Metropolitan G Soj 2007. SLGCR 2008. Metropolitan DepGDC 2009 – 2012. Appointed GStB 2011. Appointed VO 2011. Appointed Met G Insp 2015. Promoted PGSoj 2015. Bro Jamie is also a member of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, Knights Templar and the Mark through his Scottish Lodge. Additional note: this tedious interview makes much of Ingham Clark’s schooling at Harrow and his family’s multiple connections to this retrograde institution.

James Henry George Pollard AKA Henry Pollard


Henry Pollard has spent some 30 years working in the City for a range of financial services companies. He has been involved in financial services working in Europe and Mexico as well as London in the commodity, derivatives and fund management industries and was a founding member of EMFA (the hedge fund trade association now known as AIMA). He is currently a Managing Director at GAMCO UK. Henry is an elected Member of the City of London Corporation, having first been elected for the Ward of Dowgate in 2002. He serves on the Police Committee (and has served on the Safer City Partnership where he was Chairman of both whilst being Patron of the City of London Crime Prevention Association); and sits on the Investment Committee, Financial Investment Board, Planning and Transportation Committee and Finance Committee. He is also Deputy Chairman of the Corporation’s Christ’s Hospital Committee serving as a governor of the school and Almoner (trustee) of its Foundation. He has been Chairman of the Vintry and Dowgate Wards’ Club and is Deputy Governor of The Honourable The Irish Society. Henry is a Liveryman of the Skinners’ Company and became a Freeman in 1991 and has served on the Court as an Extra Member. He was educated at a Skinner’s school, Tonbridge School in Kent. Henry married Michelle in 1994 and they have two sons with whom he enjoys sport. Non-pecuniary interests Member: Liveryman, Skinners’ Company/Member, Conservative Party/I am a Freemason.

From Companies House: James Henry George POLLARD. Total number of appointments 2. Date of birth June 1964. EDWARD CHARLES CONSULTING LTD. (10100199). Company status Active . Correspondence address… Liphook, Hampshire…. Role Active Director. Appointed on 4 April 2016. Nationality British/ Country of residence United Kingdom. Occupation Investment Consulting. THE COUNCIL OF ALMONERS OF CHRIST’S HOSPITAL (05498489). Company status Active … Role Active Director. Appointed on 29 September 2011…. Occupation Investment Fund Sales.

From LinkedIn: A senior sales leadership professional with a proven track record of delivery gained within a major international asset management company driving teams and focusing on developing relationships with key wealth managers and global investment clients/excess of 20 years sales experience directing investment fund sales teams/consistently delivering strong bottom line results/over 19 years ahead of target, with several years achieving over £1Bn of Gross sales/part of team which became market leader/excellent relationship builder/experience of selling a wide range of investment funds and segregated mandates. Henry has shown long term loyalty and is self-motivated, consistently accomplishing a range of targets set over 3 decades working within the Commodity, Derivative and Fund Management industries. He believes in representing the values of the corporations he works for.

Experience: Managing Director GAMCO Asset Management (UK) Limited. May 2016 – Present (1 year 3 months) London, United Kingdom. Since Gabelli was founded in 1976 as an institutional research firm, GAMCO has evolved into a diversified global financial services company offering an extensive range of investment capabilities. The keys to our success are a focus on fundamental bottom-up research, a consistent investment process and a commitment to generating superior risk-adjusted returns.. My role is to articulate this to investors in the UK and across Europe. Regional Sales Director Invesco Perpetual 1995 – 2015 (20 years) London, United Kingdom.

From Business Wire: Commenting on the appointment (to GAMCO Asset Management), Henry Pollard said, “I am excited to be joining Gabelli, a firm that has demonstrated outstanding success since 1976. I look forward to promoting their research driven-private market value process spanning a diverse range of funds.”

From Relationship Science: This person is connected to 3 people…. Evan D. Miller, Chief Executive Officer & Research Analyst at GAMCO Asset Management (UK) Ltd. Michael M. Gabelli, Managing Director, Distribution Team at GAMCO Asset Management (UK) Ltd. Douglas Richard Jamieson, President & Chief Operating Officer at GAMCO Asset Management, Inc.

Pippa Henslowe.


NOTE: The picture at the top shows the Ingham Clark Lodge No. 8164 with Jamie Ingham Clark seated at the centre. Details of Officers of the Lodge March 2017- 2018 are provided on the web page this appears on. Worshipful Master W Bro Jamie Ingham Clark   PSGD Met G Insp. IPM W Bro Robert Peacock PM. SW Bro Richard Govan. JW Bro Darren Kidley. Chaplain W Bro Ian Rolph PM. Treasurer W Bro Steven H Carter PM PPAGDC. Secretary W Bro Keith Winterbone PM PPJGD. DC W Bro Raymond Hall PM PPGSwdB. Almoner W Bro Raymond Hall PM PPGSwdB. Charity Steward W Bro Trevor Greene PM PPSGD. Mentor W Bro Robert Peacock PM. SD W Bro Colin Gilbey​. JD   W Bro Trevor Greene PM PPSGD. ADC W Bro Stuart Stringer PM. IG W Bro Michael Rodrigues PM PPSGD. Tyler W Bro Paddy Venn PPJGD. Steward Bro Harley Palmer. Visiting Grand Officer W Bro Robin Kent PAGDC.

From the Lodge History page on the Ingham Clark Lodge website: The consecration of the lodge took place On Friday 28th April 1967 at the Wallingford Masonic Centre, Goldsmiths Lane, where there were 23 members and founders, 74 visitors and 11 members of the Provincial Consecration team in attendance. The Lodge was open in all three degrees and the ceremony of consecration then proceeded and in conclusion the Ingham Clark Lodge 8164 was declared a duly constituted lodge on the register of the United Grand Lodge of England. The Provincial Grand Master then vacated the chair in favour of W Bro Brig E Flavell PGSwdB Deputy Provincial Grand Master who conducted the ceremony of Installation. The Master Designate W Bro Robert Alastair Ingham Clark PDepGDC was presented, obligated and installed as the First Master of Ingham Clark Lodge. At the consecration meeting the R.W.Lt.Col.R.H. Ingham Clark PGM presented the Lodge with a claymore (Sword) that he had carried during his army career which he had last used at the Funeral of King George V. This was entrusted to Bro.H.Jakeman as he was invested as Tyler… March 1992: W Bro Robert James (Jamie) Ingham Clark PGStwd son of the primus master and grandson of the consecrating officer, Initiated and Raised in Jerusalem Lodge No 197 proposed by RW Bro J W Wilder PGM and seconded by VW Bro Robert Alastair Ingham Clark PGSwdB became a joining member of the lodge on the occasion of the Lodge’s 25th anniversary… 9th March 2017: The Lodge reaches its Fiftieth anniversary and was delighted that W Bro Robert James (Jamie) Ingham Clark PSGD, Metropolitan Grand Inspector, PGStwd was installed as Master for that year.

The images in the middle of this post are obviously enough Ingham Clark (done up as a Knight of St. John) and Pollard lost in the worlds of ritual fantasy. The last picture is The Mystery of Masonry brought to Light by ye Gormagons (1724) by William Hogarth. This is a satire on the excesses of certain Freemasons: a procession of masons emerge from a public house headed by elaborately dressed men described as the emperor of China, Confucius and two mandarins; an old woman sits on a ladder balanced on the back of a donkey and a mason, identified as such by his apron and gloves, stretches between the rungs of the ladder to kiss her bare backside; Don Quixote, in full armour and wearing a masonic apron and gloves, holds up his shield behind the donkey; in the foreground, to left, a man playing the bladder and string, in the centre, a dancing monkey with apron and gloves, and, to right, a butcher laughing at the scene while Sancho Panza gasps in surprise.

A satirical piece published in the London Daily Post (September 3, 1724) about the Gormogons seems to predate Hogarth’s print by a few months: “Whereas the truly ANTIENT NOBLE ORDER of the Gormogons, instituted by Chin-Qua Ky-Po, the first Emperor of China (according to their account), many thousand years before Adam, and of which the great philosopher Confucious was Oecumenicae Volgee, has lately been brought into England by a Mandarin, and he having admitted several Gentlemen of Honour into the mystery of that most illustrious order, they have determined to hold a Chapter at the Castle Tavern in Fleet Street, at the particular request of several persons of quality. This is to inform the public, that there will be no drawn sword at the Door, nor Ladder in a dark Room, nor will any Mason be reciev’d as a member till he has renounced his Novel Order and been properly degraded. N.B. — The Grand Mogul, the Czar of Muscovy, and Prince Tochmas are entr’d into this Hon. Society ; but it has been refused to the Rebel Meriweys, to his great Mortification. The Mandarin will shortly set out for Rome, having a particular Commission to make a Present of the Antient Order to his Holiness, and it is believ’d the whole Sacred College of Cardinals will commence Gormogons. Notice will be given in the Gazette the Day the Chapter will be held.”

Hogarth was initiated as a Freemason before 1728 in the Lodge at the Hand and Apple Tree Tavern, Little Queen Street, and later belonged to the Carrier Stone Lodge and the Grand Stewards’ Lodge; the latter still possesses the ‘Hogarth Jewel’ which Hogarth designed for the Lodge’s Master to wear. Today the original is in storage and a replica is worn by the Master of the Lodge. Freemasonry was a theme in some of Hogarth’s work, most notably ‘Night’, the fourth in the quartet of paintings (later released as engravings) collectively entitled the Four Times of the Day. Wilkes and Hogarth had a famous spat, but it was Wilkes who was initiated into the same Jerusalem Lodge that gave Ingham Clark his start in the ‘craft’. The difference being that in Wilkes and Hogarth’s day lodges in London were essentially drinking and dining clubs; obviously neither of these historical figures would have had any time for the mystical cretinism that pervades today’s ‘brotherhood’.

8 thoughts on “2 Men Who Like Dressing Up But Should Be Dressed Down Over Gerrymander Mansions

  1. How about we update Jamie Ingham Clark’s motto ‘Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!’ to properly reflect his recent involvement in the self-interested planning fiasco of Gerrymander Mansions: ‘Seize Public and Heritage Assets!’ Perhaps someone would be good enough to translate that into Latin?

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    1. “Carpe patrimonii publici bona!” That said, in the picture of the lodge members at the top it looks like one of Ingham Clark’s fellow masons might be trying to seize this jerk’s leg, presumably so that he can roll the trouser above the knee on that side. Is every day a ‘wear your fancy dress back to front day’ when you’re a member of the craft?


  2. ‘My home means a lot to me. I’ve designed it to suit my tastes and ideas. It’s nice to have somewhere to get away from the stresses of the working day and just take a breather. But as well as being an oasis of peace, my home is also a place for friendly get-togethers.’ (Jamie Ingham Clark quoted above). Mr Ingham Clark, how would you like it if a greedy property developer spent the next 2-3 years on a massive demolition and building project right in front of the peaceful oasis of the home that means so much to you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And what about the development of massive social housing block to be called The Playhouse on the underused courtyard outside the Guildhall? Would that disturb your Guildhall Lodge events in the crypt? And while we’re on the subject why does this lodge get a discount from the council when using this space? Why isn’t it being used to house refugees instead?


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